Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nutcracker


Abby and I went and saw The Nutcracker on Dec. 17th with several of my friends and their daughters.  I'm lucky-- there's lots of girls to share girly-friend things with!  Abby wore her "lady bug" Christmas dress, we curled her hair, and she even got to wear a little makeup.  She felt like such a big girl!!

 Abby and the nutcracker

 Abby and Clara.  Clara who won the nutcracker giveaway at intermission!

This face is going to get her out of trouble in 10 years.

 The girls in the box.  I have decided the box is the only way to go.

 Our future ballerinas.  Abby keeps telling me she wants to be on stage!

 Abby and Mommy

Hard and work coloring ornaments

A few more pre-Christmas pics

 A couple of weeks before Christmas we spent an evening at the Myriad gardens looking at Christmas lights and playing with our friends.  Abby liked the big Santa chair.

 Abby and Daddy

 The walking kids 

The DeLeons

 The Combs', DeLeons, and 1/3 of the Lindenaus

The Combs', DeLeons, and 2/3 of the Lindenaus

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Letter O

Olivia obviously enjoys the letter O.

Surgery #2

Olivia had her second surgery on Dec. 8th.  She had a second, larger set of ear tubes placed, and we had planned to have her adenoids out as well.  Luckily, once Dr. Digoy looked she had "nubbins" for adenoids    so she got to keep them! 

 She explored her crib and room a lot more this time.  I did get to stay with her until she was asleep in the OR, which is different than last time.  She started making this horrible noise when the gas put her to sleep, which luckily the anesthesiologist had warned me about.  But it was still hard to hear.  Hopefully this will be the last surgery we have to go through!!
She was quite funny when her valium took effect though-- I have a video on my iphone I'll try to upload.  Reminds me of the youtube video where the kid is stoned after a dental procedure.  But, she's recovered nicely.  Follow up appointment in January to retest her hearing and see Dr. Digoy again.  Will keep you posted.


We spent Thanksgiving at the farm this year.  For some reason, I didn't take too many pictures.
 The playset at the farm, built by Desi and Po, complete with grandkids names.
 Livi at a bunch of dirt.  And was enthralled with one of the dogs.
 The girls got good bonding time with Aunt Desi, who's home safe from Afghanistan.

And Livi bonded with Uncle Richard. 

 Abby with cousin Pops.
 Abby and Rie.
And, somehow, that's all I got!! I do know it was 90 degrees on Thanksgiving.  SO didn't feel like Thanksgiving!