Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye 2008!

It's been a wonderful year of blessings for the DeLeons. We thank each of you for being part of our lives, and we are looking forward to what 2009 brings!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Abby's First Christmas...

abby in the big bath tub with her new Christmas toys
How many people does is take to give Abby a bath???
Abby with her PaPa
Abby and Momma

Is the bear creepy to anyone else??

Opening her new phone

Look at all those presents!
My nephew's new shoes...seriously ugly if you ask me, but
apparently they're the "in" thing now.

A Big BooBoo

Abby's first impressive knot and bruise after a fall on the couch. And if I hadn't been a doctor, I might have taken her to the ER after she fell, so I'll try to have a little more sympathy for the next hysterical mom who brings in her perfectly fine looking toddler after a fall......

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

College Reunion....

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to spend a long lunch this past weekend with two of my college roommates in Denton. Kristina and I lived together for 3 years, and she now lives in Dallas with her husband and son. Ashley and I lived together for 3 years as well. She lives in Alaska now with her husband and they're expecting Molly Frances in March. It was wonderful to see both of them again, especially not knowing when the next time I'll see Ashley will be.

Abby with her Aunt Ashley

Abby, Me, Ashley, Kristian, and Julian

3o weeks pregnant with Miss Molly

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Speed demon...

I've been meaning to post one of these for a while since she's got it down now.

Two teeth!

I spoke too soon.....I got it after a little more trying.

We're talking....

Her first tooth...

Please excuse the mess.....but you can see the first tooth! I tried my best to get another picture tonight before posting of her now with TWO teeth, but she wouldn't cooperate. So this will have to do for now.

For Uncle Jason....

She's an OU fan at heart. Or at least she's going to be. But just for Uncle Jason and to celebrate Michael's acceptance at OSU....

Thanksgiving...a little bit late

From Thanksgiving. Showing Michael how it's done.

"I'm stuffed." I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm back....

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I promise new pictures coming soon. She's crawling everywhere and she's pulling up now. So we've come to a whole new level of baby proofing. She's got two teeth and likes to say dada all the time. Momma is reserved for when she's crying for something. Which is awesome.

Dave and I had a first today. We had an hour long lunch today by ourselves, baby free! It was truly the first time in 8.5 months we've been by ourselves and not at work or with her sleeping in the next room. And it was strange.....but maybe we need to do that more often. I think people who have weekly parent dates don't work the hours we do. I feel like the time I get with her is so precious that I don't WANT to leave her any more than I have to. But I know my relationship with Dave is important as well. Oh, the guilt of a working mother.....

Look for pictures soon!