Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sic Em, Bears!!

Many of you may know that Baylor beat OU last night.  It was a very exciting few hours around our house.  I may or may not have taught Abby to say " oh shit" when Baylor fumbled the ball.

 But since my Bears did win, we proudly sported our gear at church this morning.  Here's Livi showing everyone to do  "Touchdown!!!"

I love these girls. The picture might have been better BEFORE letting Abby have ketchup for lunch.   

And Livi has been making this face a lot more lately.  Not sure what it is, but it's kind of cute!!
Go Bears! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged.  I'm not even sure where the last 2 months went.  I've been working a lot lately, up until this last week, so that'll be my excuse. 

We're all doing well, in general.  Abby's growing and getting smarter all the time.  She can use my iphone better than me.  She's definitely better at Angry Birds.  Livi's walking well, starting to talk (favorite works are Mama and Abby.  Also working on book and duck).  She's also now on her second ear infection in 2 weeks with one blocked ear tube.  Heading back into the ENT's office soon.  Proof that surgery doesn't cure everything.

I had LASIK done last week-- can't believe I waited so long to do this!  It's awesome to wake up and be able to see.  I'm not even sure where my glasses are right now and it's awesome!

Dave's doing well too....he's making great progress at the gym and his running times.  I'm so proud of him. 

I'm getting exciting for Christmas....I refuse to put my decorations up until after Thanksgiving, but I'm so ready!  My real next step is to try and find someone to put up Christmas lights for us outside.

Promise to be in touch again sooner than before.....

A Few From Today.....

I haven't pulled out my camera and taken many pictures lately.  Guess it's true what they say about second kids!  But, I was testing the light at different times tonight in preparation for Christmas pictures this afternoon and got some good ones of the girls.         

((Livi:: do SO BIG!!))

 I love the pure joy in this picture (she was chasing the cat, if you have to know!)

Cat went under the fence.  Love her painted little toes.

And Livi, with her goopy puff eyes and snotty nose and scratched cheek.   But she's beautiful!

Pretending to be a tiger.  Cause they're all over the place here in Norman this time of year.

And, her new favorite pasttime:  walking our friends' dog, Ginger.   She feels so grown up walking her, like one of the big kids.  Now I'm just waiting for her to start asking for her own dog.

My little bugs

Sadly, I didn't get an individual picture of either of my Halloween bugs, or even of just the two of them together, but I did manage to get these two.  A couple of days before Halloween we went to a church even with our friends.  The top one is  all the girls outside in the church's pumpkin patch.  I have no idea why Abby looks like this.  She wasn't scared, mad or crying.  Who knows.

And here's the cutest little ladybug in the state!!

The Orange Queen

Don't you wish your Halloween outfit was this awesome?  From the striped leggings and pumpkin socks to the sparkly silver shoes, this girl rocked her awesomeness on Halloween!!t

Really, I just wish every girl had THIS girl's confidence!!

Mom, STOP!

I know I'm really cute with my owl shirt and pumpkin, but please stop taking my picture!!