Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some random pictures

A few random ones from around the house in the last few days...
She's getting pretty good about holding her head up. Here she is playing with her snail. It was good until Abby hit her in the head with it.
We've also been putting her in the bumbo the last few days. She's pretty good with it. You can literally see her thinking "this is a new view". Abby likes it too...they sit and talk to each other.

She still sucks her thumb.

They're still (usually) good friends.

Is this not the cutest picture? I LOVE how smiley she is now.

And, yes, she still tastes good.

Livi's expression is priceless!

Livi LOVES Abby...she just stares at her whenever she is near.

Hard to believe she's 4 months tomorrow. A 4month post coming soon!

Two Peas in a Pod

Ooops...the pictures loaded backwards. And it's too much work to reverse them. So I'll go backwards!
This is Wyatt, Riley's brother. Can you believe that he and Livi are one year apart in age? They are seriously almost the same size, except he's got the "older man" appearance.

And here's our two peas. Abby tells me at least once a day that "riley's my best friend". The other day I heard no less than 16 times how much she needed to see Riley. Our new thing to do with the girls is take them to the local Chick fil A-- Laura and I get to sit and eat and talk and the girls can play in the play area after they eat. It's a win/win.
I don't know what we're going to do when they move in June.

And yes....those Christmas presents are getting used!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I guess I have to change the name of our blog now, since we don't live on Katie Ridge anymore. Oh the pressure......

I'll take suggestions.

Christmas II

After a little delay, here's Christmas round II pictures. We did Christmas with my family on the 27th. Although everyone was there, the pics are mostly of Abby. Cause let's face it, that's why you're here.

The awesome wardrobe that my dad built for her dress up clothes. With the awesome doors my sisters spent over 8 hours painting in Pottery Barn fashion.

Abby checking out the wardrobe as soon as we walked in the door.

The Christmas tree before we got started. I'm glad we don't all buy each other presents-- imagine what that would look like.

Livi arriving for the party, excited to see what it's all about.

Didn't take her very long before she didn't care though.

Abby opening her presents.

Livi getting involved again.

Abby playing with her new dollhouse. Not sure what happened to her pants.

The princesses, all dressed up with no where to go. (Tammy-- you seriously look more and more like mom. Not necessarily in person, but in pictures).

Taking care of her baby, feeding it water and peas.
And a couple of days later, playing with the dollhouse with Riley back home.

All in all, a wonderful Christmas. And no blizzard this year!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Day!

I know I still owe Christmas II pictures, but today is a BIG day around here!!! As Dave said on facebook, if you're lucky, you'll be there to see it. If you're really lucky, the camera will be rolling!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My present

I guess I'll keep him.

Merry Christmas (part I)!

Santa found us at our new house this year! I was way busier on wards than I had thought, and I didn't get our Christmas tree up in time, even though Dave brought it over from the old house. So instead, I threw some lights and a few ornaments up on our fake ficus. Don't worry-- Santa still knew where to put things!
And, as you can see, Santa brought her a 'tar. A pink Barbie one, because that's all the elves could find. But it works. And she was one happy girl on Christmas morning!
At first she studied it like an engineer's granddaughter.....

And then she jumped in head first to play! She still tends to play with her eyes closed and her head thrown back-- she's run into more than one wall in the last few days day.

She really got into the present opening this year, even though she still wanted to play with everything once it was opened. It took her most of the day to open all her presents.

Dave and I bought her a digital camera because she loves mine so much. It takes real pictures that we can download to the computer, and she loves it. She tends to turn the camera around backwards and take pictures of herself, which is pretty cute. Or she'll yell "hold still, smile, I said don't move!" Wonder where she's heard that??

And I can't forget this little one! She was a good sport and watched Abby open all her presents. She got a couple of toys herself, including this seahorse that sings.

Don't you love the crazy hair? That's what it's like most of the time.
And they both crashed for naptime a little later.

Hopefully I'll get Christmas II pictures up later today, but for now there's a baby to be fed!