Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eviction notice

Olivia's being served eviction papers. She has 72 hours to evacuate my uterus, otherwise she's being pushed out.

I spend 2 hours this morning hooked up having my second NST. She passed and did all the things she was supposed to do. I did not-- my blood pressure was anywhere from 130/80 to 168/92. So, I'm on bedrest for the weekend and still planning for induction on Monday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full term

This is what full term looks like. Never been here before-- it's kind of exciting! And, as usual, this is about week old-- I'm 38 weeks today, which is 2 weeks farther than I made it with Abby!!!
(And yes...I'm wearing a Sooners shirt....this is from game day Saturday!) I'm ready for Miss Olivia to be here! I went to the OB Monday, and my blood pressure continues to slowly creep up, although we're not at red alert level yet. I'm having 2 NSTs (non stress tests...they basically hook me to monitor and watch her heartrate for 2o minutes) this week. Assuming all looks good, and I don't go into labor before then, we've set an induction date for Monday!! So, if she listens, unlike her big sister, her birthday will be September 20th!
However, today has been miserable. I woke up throwing up about 2am and have continued to do so most of the day. Thank goodness for moms-- mine brought me potato soup (which I eventually kept down), cleaned my house, did some laundry since my washer is broken, took my car and cleaned it (which I had planned on doing today), AND kept Abby most of the afternoon so I could rest (and throw up WITHOUT Abby offering brillant commentary, such as "momma go bleh!" and "momma yucky!"). Things are looking better now though, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. At least the washing machine is fixed. $200 for one part and 10 minutes of work-- I might be in the wrong business.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Painting III

She still loves to paint.....although it doesn't QUITE stay on the canvas anymore.....
God, I love this kid!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've been nesting for a couple of weeks now...really, ever since my "oh crap" moment a few OB visits ago. But, the room is put together, the bottles are washed, the clothes are hung, and we're ready to meet this little one. Except for the car friend Laura has that one right now, but it should be coming back to us soon. Then, we'll really be ready.
I had my 36 week OB appt on Thursday, and everything looked great. My blood pressure is holding steady, which is a HUGE blessing. It's crazy to me to think that I was holding Abby at this point in my pregnancy last time, so I've held on to #2 longer. Which means I'm more pregnant than I've ever been. And I certainly feel it. But I also know how blessed I am to be able to carry this baby and know her before she's really here! Dr. Brown is guessing "a couple of more weeks" but I also know there's not a ton of science behind that one!
So, here's just a few examples of what I've been up to lately.....
Found this sign at Hobby Lobby, and it's hanging on their door. Abby said Daddy was ok though.
We've rearranged their furniture to make room for Abby's bed and the crib, and mom's friend Gail made the bedskirt and curtain for me from fabric I picked out. We went with a polka dot theme, and we stuck with pink and green since I didn't want to repaint the walls. A wide shot of the whole room......
And, yes, she has a name. I guess since it's on the wall, it's official!!
Abby calls her "baby Libi-a" (like the country- it's pretty cute!). We'll probably call her Livi. Now I just have to get Dad NOT to call her Ollie.
Found these super cute frames that matched perfectly. I think we'll put some "sister" pictures in them when she gets here.
Baby baby clothes have been pulled out and hung on the bottom rack...we're going to need more closet space soon! The bottles are washed and back in the cabinet.

Several of my friends got together last week to throw me a last minute "sprinkle". This was the only picture I took, sadly enough. But we were blessed with a few winter outfits and LOTS of diapers. And, perhaps most amazingly, between all of us there, our husbands all kept our 8 children so we got some good girl gab time!! Which might have been the best present of all.

The diaper pile grew from the last picture...thank you all!!And one last personal friend Kelly at made these for Olivia! Can't wait to get to use them!

I promise...the next post will be about Abby. I know you can't go too long!