Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 9 Month Old Beauty

From Abby's 9 month photos. She had such a good time, being the center of attention. We had lots of good shots to choose from. Now if we can just tame the hair.....

Her Scrunchy Face

Stay tuned for a video of Abby's latest trick!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Target? Bullseye!

A humourous story....now.....24 hours later....from the safety of my home......

Abby and I went to Target last night. She was well secured in the basket seat, amusing herself while I shopped. I pulled up at the end of an aisle that just so happened to have a big 5-6 foot pyramid of diced tomato cans at the end of aisle. Abby reached out and pulled the "as advertised" sticker, which in turn pulled the keystone can holding up the pyramid. The top 3 feet of cans went rolling all over the aisle, maybe 200 cans in all?? And of course it's right after work, so Target was busy. I quickly assessed the situation and decided to make a run for it; however a gimpy basket and 200 small roadblocks made a quick escape impossible. So what did I do? I suffered through our first big public embarrassment.

Still not as bad as my nephew pulling the fire alarm at the OBs office when he was three and causing a lockdown. But Abby's starting early, so I'm a little afraid.

Lucky for her she's cute.

I see the Moon

This one is more for the scrapbook when Abby gets older. These are from Jan. 10th, which gave us the largest mooh for 2009. Although it looks pretty small in the pictures. Oh well!

Tub Time II

Abby's now taking baths in the regular tub. She was a little cautious at first, but now she's discovered the real joy of the big tub over the bath tub........swimming!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 months and counting.....

A Visit from Texas

A few pictures from the Dave's family's visit....

Abby with her aunt Desi

Abby sleeping with her Grandmo

Dave and his family

Dave with Richard and Rie

Rie and Richard

The three baby DeLeons....abby did not enjoy this part......

The playroom.....our living room in a former life

Abby hugging her cousin Rie

And WHO are YOU exactly???

Cousin Richard