Monday, June 4, 2012

Dress Rehearsal

Abby's Ballet Dance

And her tap Dance.....the dinkey doo!
enjoy!  I know I did!!

Dance Recital

Abby's first dance recital was on June 2nd.  She was a beautiful dancer, the class leader!

 Before the dance recital.  Abby wanted a picture with Livi and Papa.....Livi did not want to cooperate.

Abby wasn't in a picture-taking mood, and her costume came off almost as soon as we walked in the door.  She did let me get a few pictures with her flowers though.

I love the one little diva actress!  Maybe I'll use this one when she wins her first Oscar.....

I am so thankful for Modern Dance Arts and Abby's teacher, Miss Felicia.  My little girl LOVES dance, puts her whole heart into it, and is GOOD at it.  More than anything, it was such a gift to me to see her up there on the stage dancing her little heart out! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter mini-session pics

Scooter Crash

It's ok to laugh---she wasn't hurt.  I think my favorite part is the little "uhhh" sound she makes at the end!!


Seriously....where does the time go????  I swear I just blogged a couple of days ago........

Volcano Fun

Dave and I introduced Abby to baking soda/vinegar volanos.  It took her a minute to 'get it' but then she couldn't get enough!

In fact, we used up the white vinegar AND apple cider vinger in the house!  And had a nice, colorful driveway until the next rain......

Happy 4th birthday!!

A few pictures from Abby's 4th birthday party at the Tiger Safari.  It was a hot but a lot of fun!  Will try to go on a cloudy day next time though! 

Sitting under the shade looking at the smaller animals

The coolest part (for me, at least) was that Abby got to feed a tiger.  With a long stick, but still.  You can see it jumping up in the second picture.  Who knew they eat raw chicken??

 And here's the birthday girl!!

She cleaned up, as usual.  She got Princess dresses, puzzles, lots of toys, chapstick, and her favorite-- a scooter!  She's a madwoman on the scooter now-- going to have to teach her how to use the brake better!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stationery card

Confetti Party Pink Birthday Invitation
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I hope you dance....

Did I mention she loves dance class????

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Orleans

While grandma and grandpa took care of the girls, Dave and I played (and did a little work) in New Orleans.
 Love the random street man with the half ladder

Dave and I in Jackson Square
 This was right before we got acosted by Dan, Dan the Shoe Shine Man.  Don't ask, but we left there feeling violated.  Avoid him if you visit.

Dave loved the beneights.  They were SO good!!

Here's a couple of pictures of us at work.   Most of the group that went from OU above, and myself with 2 of the residents on a poster we worked on together below. 


Ok, I've obviously become a horrible blogger.  But I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore since facebook exists now, so maybe it doesn't matter??  But I guess facebook can't tell you everything either. 

January went by pretty quickly.  I discovered pinterest and spent some time on there.  More than anything it actually inspired me to start doing some of the fix-up stuff around our house I haven't done in the past year.  So, I changed all of our doorknobs out.  Some of them I spray painted and some of them I just changed out.  Easier than I would have thought.  Will see how the spray painted ones hold up, but they look good so far!

We also ordered a tornado shelter, and it'll be put in the garage on Tuesday.  Dave's happy.  We went with the bigger one so that the entire neighborhood can come join us.  Seriously,, ,you can put a queen sized mattress in this thing.  Dave thinks it's going to become his mancave.  I can just him running an extension cord down in there now.....

Abby started taking dance class in January.  It's a combination of ballet, tap, and modern.  She LOVES it.  We never have to cajole her into going, and she seems to have a great time.  Dancing has definitely become one of her favorite things to do.  She's always asking us to put on music and "dance with me, Prince!"

Livi has learned to navigate the stairs up and down, and she now has 2 molars.  We had our first ER trip last weekend because I was worried about her breathing.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia but seems to have recovered quite nicely.  New words include bye bye, no, mama, dada, papa, oh no. 

Dave and I spent last week in New Orleans at a medical conference.  It was fun, the food was good, and I can't even imagine being there at Mardi Gras.