Sunday, July 24, 2011

First haircut!

Yesterday was a big day for Olivia! She had her first big girl haircut. She did pretty well for a 10 month old.

She watched her big sister first, and then jumped right up in the chair. Love that little face....and those big blue eyes!

The Park

Who visits the neighborhood park on a 108 degree day? The DeLeons do!

Yes, it was hot and stupid. But really, the choice between listening to Abby whine about going to the park all day and going? There was no choice.

This was Livi's first time riding the push car. She seemed to really like it. She's already figured out the horn, which she lovingly pushed the whole way to the park.

Abby can finally reach the peddles on her tricycle and is coordinated enough to pedal. It's a large victory.

It didn't take her long to get hot and miserable and not be in the mood to have her picture taken.

Livi, as always, was just along for the ride. Abby's learning to raise her arms when she's done with a stunt from her gymnastics class. She's so dang talented!

And Livi takes after her big sister...she loves the swing too.

Thank goodness Abby decided 20 minutes were enough. We were hot, sweaty, tired, and grumpy. Which led to an excellent naptime for all the DeLeon women!

9 months

Yes, she's 10 months already. But I'm behind, badly. Before I post the 10 month in the next day or two, I thought I should put these up!

Livi, you are getting too big! You can crawl like a madwoman, but you usually throw your right leg out on the side to give yourself an extra push instead of being up on both knees. You have two bottom teeth. You've mastered stage 3 baby foods and are starting to eat some table food.

You weigh 21 pounds and are just over 28 inches tall. You are a chunk-- Abby calls you our Chunky Dunky (she's trying to say Chunky Monkey).

You usually take a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap, and you sleep about 10-11 hours straight at night. You are the happiest baby, especially in the mornings when you wake up.
You've just learned to pull yourself up, and you are pulling up on EVERYTHING. You usually are sporting some sort of bruise on your forehead from a fall. You have brought such joy into our lives, even if I can't get a good 9 month picture!!

And, just cause she's the most awesome big sister, here's one of Abby. She's got the cutest, most perfect little heart shaped face I've ever seen!