Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends again

After 2 years of avoidance, bolting, howls, bites, hisses, and screams of "where's Tigger goin?"................... They're friends again. But only because she's learned how to put food in the bowl.

34 (+) weeks

In keeping with true DeLeon tradition, I'm behind. But, in my defense, I've been diligently attending to the needs of the sick children in the hospital. And it's been a busy month. An interesting month filled with oddball diagnoses. As my fellow doctor friend Kate said, "sometimes interesting is a four letter word." This month, I agree.
But, better late than never, right? Here's a few 34 week pictures for you to see!

My view...obviously have no idea what the feet look like now, which is probably preferable given that I no longer fit into most of my shoes.

I'm almost 36 weeks now....3 more days and I'll be the most pregnant I've ever been. Which is pretty exciting. I'd like to bake her for at least 2 more weeks and then I'm sure I'll be ready. I've got another OB appt on Thursday, but last week everything looked great! I'm GBS positive, which my doctor friends will understand, so I'm a little bummed. Stupid hospital contaminated me because I wasn't with Abby!
But as my OB said, I'll just get some antibiotics during labor and it won't be a big deal. Just a good excuse to come in early in labor and get an epidural!
Nesting post coming soon......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jesus Loves Me!

Too cute, huh? She often asks to "sing Jesus". The bathtub is one of her favorite places to sing--I guess it's the adult equivalent to the shower, so it makes sense.

In other Abby news, she moved up into a bigger classroom at daycare today...the early preschool class! It was a rough morning/drop off time with lots of "I don't wanna" and "momma, don't leave me" screams, but she calmed quickly after I left and had a good day. She told me this afternoon that she'll go back tomorrow, so I guess all is well!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Portraits

Some pictures from our khaki/white photo shoot....
You may recognize this one from the top of our took some work to get her to smile without her binky, but I think it was worth it to get this picture!
It wouldn't be the DeLeon family without one of these.....
Tammy, Jason, and Michael

We had to include Beaner.....
Mom and Dad.....
The whole Bragg/DeLeon/Voskuhl clan. Sadly enough, this was the best one we had out of about 10 shots. It's not too bad, we just get a profile shot of Abby , And Jacob looks like he might not like us too much!
A more tradition DeLeon family....

MeMe and Papa with the grandkids....

It was definitely more difficult this year with Abby-- she's a smiley kid, and she CAN do it on command, but she usually chooses not to. Plus we couldn't back up to the ocean like we did two years ago because of all the seaweed-- wouldn't have made a very pretty picture.

Guess we'll have to do it again next year since we'll have a new member of the family to show off!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach, baby!

Did you miss us last week?? We were at the beach, baby!! After lots of fear about the oil spill, we were pleasantly surprised that there was NO oil in sight for the entire week we were there! We were unfortunately plagued by seaweed the entire time we were there, which made for interesting clean up showers (you had seaweed where???), but it was a great week overall. I ate crab legs twice-- once without even having to wrangle Abby at the same time!
This first picture is from our first morning in Destin, getting Abby ready for the beach. She was a little upset because she was "ready go beach" but Mommy wasn't quite ready yet. The picture quality isn't good, and I had to adjust the lighting so you can really see her, but she's ready-- complete with glasses and cell phone! My little diva in training....
She wasn't really sure about the ocean (and really never did get too sure about it), but she certainly liked the sand and building "sancastles". I was a little worried, because she's not a kid who likes to be dirty, but she managed pretty well with only the occassional rinse off required. We were able to keep her in the shade most of the time....
Cutest little back shot ever.....
She napped on the beach just like the last two years, but her place of preference this year was MeMe's lap.
And then it was back to building again....
She tried to recruit a workcrew when she could....
One morning Dave and I took her to see the dolphins at the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton. Not her best morning ever...she wanted me to keep picking her up and putting her down, which I just really can't do anymore. So there were lots of tears, mixed in with "one more times" when the dolphins would jump.
She did like the big aquarium though.... In remembrance of the day, I bought her a Gulfarium tshirt with a cute crab on it that says "I'm a little crabby."
This is also how she spent more late afternoons....the sun is tiring!!
I'll post some of our family pictures soon!