Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Girl Bed

The other big transition we've done in last 48 hours (see below post for other stuff) is to move Abby out of her crib and into a big girl bed! We've decided that the girls will share a room, at least while we're in this house, so we had to do some rearranging and transitioning. There's still some work to do, but this is how things stand now!
She got to pick the sheets out herself- Abby calls it her "spongebob bed." I was hoping to be able to put one side against a wall, but that didn't work out, so I need to buy another bedrail. Or not- she's slept in the bed twice and hasn't fallen out, so maybe she has more grace and skill than her mother!
A full room view:
The shelves over the crib came down today (thanks, Dad!) since I don't want anything big hanging over baby girl. I was going to try to move them to the other side, but Dad couldn't find the studs like he wanted, so we saved that for another day. I plan to put baby girl's name abover her crib soon.
This was Abby's first night in her bed, after she fell asleep. I sat with her for a while, worried about the transition. After 45 mintues of talking and NOT sleeping, I finally left the room. And when I checked on her 5 minutes later, she was sound asleep!
This is how I found her the next morning:
Last night was her second night, and that went pretty well too. I'll post more pictures when I finally get the room all together. One of mom's friends is making a new bedskirt for the crib, and I'll change around some of the decorations. I've ordered a cute polka dot bedspread for Abby that should be in tomorrow. I'm so proud of that kid!!

29 week bump

She's definitely in there and moving all over!
You can even see my belly button!! I'm actually a couple of weeks behind on pictures- I'm now 31 weeks. I think she's head down now, which is good- I was afraid she was breech for a while, and I really don't want a c-section. I had an appt with Dr. Brown on Monday, and all looked good. Blood pressure was better after a high one 2 weeks ago, and I'm up 10 pounds total, so all is well. And I'm much happier after starting some medication for heartburn.
She'll probably be here mid-September, which is SOO soon. I wasn't ready for that. So I've gotten my butt in gear in the last 48 hours- the girls' room in rearranged, baby stuff is washed and hanging in the closet, new bottle nipples bought. I have some work to do on their room, but I'm feeling much better about being prepared!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I thought I'd make an appearance on my blog. This is from a couple of weeks ago....actually, I think it's the same day as the last picture with Abby and Dave, since she's just in her diaper. I love this kid! We're going to the allergist this afternoon for testing...I'm not looking forward to it. We're planning on being there 3-4 hours, and I'm loaded up on Dora and Spongebob videos to keep her entertained. I may need a drink after all this...oh, wait...guess that'll wait until October!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just another day.....

In the DeLeon backyard.

Farmer Girl

I'm going to be a farmer in my next life. Or a nail polish name maker. But for now, since my backyard growing seems to be going abdundantly well, I'll be a farmer.
These have always done well- better than even in Mom's yard, where they originally came from. But this year has been an exceptional year!
We planted one tomoto plant this year, and I think it's on steroids. This is ONE plant. To be fair, it hasn't produced a ton of tomatos yet, but we've gotten 2 good ones so far.

Dave planted 4 strawberry plants this year, and they're actually producing. Abby loves to pick these.

And finally, the thing that has grown the most is our BASIL! These started as 2 tiny plants, but they've quickly taken over the entire flower bed. I like pesto, but this stuff is growing so well we can't even give it away fast enough! Let me know if you'd like some........

Monday, July 5, 2010

My two favorite people

This is what happens when I work weekends.

Quote of the Day

I'm on wards. It's been interesting. Mostly fun. Best quote from yesterday-
Ortho: We'll do something when her toes curl up and start to turn black.
Next time, I'll ask them to put that in the chart. And they did do something 6 hours later, without her toes actually having to curl up or turn black. Those are the kind of skills I have.
And congratulations to Jasmine, who got her first champagne tap of residency, on a consult she did for me! I owe you a bottle, which I will pay on. Someday. When I can go to liquor store without my child. Because you shouldn't take children in liquor stores. Because they lose their favorite cabbage patch doll only to later find it prominently displayed on top of a beer arrangement a week later asking if it belongs to anyone. Thought I forgot about that one, didn't you, Dad???

Father's Day

Thought I'd share Abby's father's day gift to Dave. Pretty dang good one, I think. Not sure how we're going to top this next year.

I had made it with the thoughts of putting it in his office at work, but for now, it's hanging in our home office. Which makes Abby happy-- she gets excited every time she sees her picture on the wall.

Toy Story 3

I took Abby to see her first movie last week! We decided on Toy Story 3. I was a little worried, because she doesn't love the first two, but I wanted to see it, and it seemed like as good as any to try. We took Laura and Riley with us (at Abby's request--she's pretty attached to Riley). And she did great!!
We got a large bucket of popcorn for the 4 of us share, but I think Abby ate 1/2 of it, Riley at 1/4 of it, and Laura and I got the leftover kernals. When the popcorn ran out, Abby moved back and forth between her seat and my lap, and at one point we lost a shoe, but otherwise she did great!!!

We'll definitely try it again. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great picture of her at the theater-- she was "ready go home" by the time it was over and didn't have time for her mom's sentimentality. By the way, Laura and I looked styling in our 3D glasses. So styling I didn't even take a picture!

On a different note, I let my inner teenage girl out last week too and went to see Eclipse with Lisa and her brother (yes, her brother, who went voluntarily. I might question his manhood if I didn't know better). By far the best one yet!